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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Spinal Dynamics Hawaii, Inc patient testimonials below and email me or contact our office if you have any questions.

  • Dr. Bell asked relevant questions and really listened to the answers. I really appreciate that.

    -Pauline K.
  • Been awhile that my back felt relief. Didn’t notice till about half hour later that, “Hey, not much pain as normal, my normal.” Hope I can continue see Dr. Bell.

    -Darryl O.
  • Great customer service!

    -Sandra L.
  • Fantastic first experience as a new patient. The staff was very professional and I left in much more relief than when I walked in.

    -Kaleena F.
  • Awesomeness.

    -Cathleen W.
  • I love the location, I feel the doctor understand the context of my life and what I’m trying to accomplish. I feel he has a plan. I’m confident my overall wellness is going to approve, and I’m stoked to a found a new healthcare professional.

    -Troy S.
  • I can finally move without hurting thanks!

    -Mark W.
  • I recommend everybody to go to the doctor he said real good person in his playing to you everything you need.

    -Edwin D.

Top-notch Service

I was referred to Dr. Bell by a co-worker at my hotel, and I couldn’t be happier. From the friendliness and helpfulness of Tiana at the reception desk to finally meeting Dr. Bell, the service I received was top-notch. I felt comfortable and confident that I made the right decision, and am on my way to being fully healthy again. Thank you, Dr. Bell and your wonderful staff.

– Stuart H.

Felt No Pain After First Visit!

I am very active, exercise and bodyboard. My neck went out on me last week with muscle strain in my traps and shoulders. It pulled my neck out of alignment and had a pinched nerve with lots of pain. I went to Dr. Bell today for the first time, and I feel good. My neck feels mobile and no pain. He didn’t do a traditional “cracking” of the neck, but used hi-tech tools and techniques to relax my muscles then gently put my spine back in alignment. He also worked on my injured shoulder. I feel confident in Dr. Bell’s care, and he is very knowledgeable about sports injuries.

– Louisa N.

5 Stars

Dr. Bell was so awesome. He explained well with my condition and also recommend me to do some of the work on my own time too. I have to say well worth coming to see him. It’s true about the website, I also give this place 5 stars. Thanks.

– Jacqueline N.

I Feel Confident

My chiropractor retired about 5 years ago and I have been searching for one that I can feel confident would be able to help me with my health concerns. Dr Bell is informative and keeps up to date on procedures/equipment. I am so glad he didn’t use that standard “clicker” to adjust me that other doctors used. Getting healed/fixed is beyond that.

– Pat T.

Extremely Helpful

Dr. Bell was super nice and funny but more importantly extremely helpful in identifying my back issues. After receiving some tips about sleeping positions, I already feel a little better. Looking forward to my next visit.

– Mario M.

Whole Different Ballgame

I have had some bad experiences with other chiropractors in the past, but Dr. Bell is a whole different ballgame. He makes you feel welcomed and seems to really care for all his patients! Using a combination of ice and electric muscle stimulation, my upper right arm is feeling much better after just two visits!
-Wesley A.

Remarkable Results

Remarkable results in the first visit. Dr Bell is truly a professional with the latest techniques and equipment. I would recommend Dr Bell to those looking for the highest level of Medical care though superior chiropractic services.
-Clayton C.

Love the Rolling Table

Just want to say I’ve had body workers tell me I need to fix my posture for years but the way Dr. Bell told me just stuck in my head and I’ve really been working on keeping my head back and already experiencing a lot of relief of neck and shoulder pain. I love the rolling table and the blanket. He was so gentle and made me feel like there wasn’t a lot wrong and I think the intelligence of my body picked up on that and is helping me to feel more in a normal healthy state. Thank you!!
-Meghan B.

Very Friendly and Personable

I was very happy with my first visit to Dr. Bell, and I plan to continue seeing him. He’s very friendly and personable. I feel confident that he can help reduce my back pain and keep it from coming back.
-Colette C.

Pleased with Progress

Had never been to a chiropractor in my life. Little hesitant, but very pleased with the progress of my frozen shoulder. It’s been 4 month since I was able to lift my arm over my head. So grateful for the progress so far, expecting complete healing without surgery or medication.
-Julie J.

Patient & Listened

I really appreciate that Dr. Bell was patient and listened to my concerns. He is very knowledgeable and shared lots of helpful suggestions. I never felt that he was rushing my appointment, I was very comfortable and relaxed and will definitely be back!
-Deborah C.

Good Listener

First visit I received info about what to drink (coconut water), what to take (electrolytes), and what stretching exercises to do daily. And was sent out for an X-ray. Good stuff. Doc is great, understanding of my lower back problem and a good listener, explains everything and more.
-James A.

Excellent Advice

Excellent advice from Dr. Bell…”forget ego and get a cane for safety”. He reduced my first visit cost which paid for the “Hurricane” I purchased. Gave me excellent advice on obtaining gratis, previously taken X-Rays, for his review. Taking it to him today for review. Dr. Bell’s receptionist, Kuuipo, is as beautiful and wonderful a person as the namesake Hawaiian song.
-George H.

Back to my Regular Walking Routine

Dr. Bell and staff were very accommodating and fit me in for a same day appointment when I was suffering from severe lower back pain. He was very gentle and thorough when dealing with my injury, and made the whole experience as pleasant as possible. Two treatments later I am walking around doing my normal routine where 5 days ago I was struggling to be in any position other than laying down.
-Whitney K.

Reduced Pain In One Appointment

Flew in from overseas and I knew it was a long shot that they could get me in that morning but they did and Dr. Bell was able to reduce the pain in one appointment. Still, have more to do but I can tell you that the weekend was much better without the pain!. Front desk staff was friendly and willing to help me! Thank you Dr. Bell. (Wish I had done a search earlier as I would have sent my daughter to you as well for her back issues!). Mahalo.
-Anne D.

Dr. Bell Is At The Top of The List

I felt right at home and the appointment went very well. I will definitely recommend this practice to anyone seeking this type of care. I’ve seen multiple Chiropractors throughout the years and Dr. Bell is at the top of the list for his effectiveness, professionalism, and caring attitude. Mahalo!
-Tanner H.

Pain Free After First Visit

A wonderful experience for my 14-year-old. Pain-free after her first visit after experiencing a couple of sleepless nights due to pain. Thank you.
-Marilyn R.

Great Service, Great Provider

I cannot express how awesome Dr. Bell is. He is the friendliest and most knowledgeable doctor that I have run across in over 30 years. He was also super patient with me even though I ask ridiculous amounts of questions (I like to know how everything works :) ) I couldn’t recommend anyone else more highly! If you want great service by a great provider, this is the place!
-Stephen S.

Highly Recommended

Thank you for squeezing me in and helping me get better!! Dr.Bell really takes the time to listen, evaluate, and made sure I received the proper treatment. He truly has your back !! Kuuipo and Tattianna were very helpful and sweet. I highly recommend Spinal Dynamics Hawaii for the best care ,treatment , and support !!:)
-Cynthia M.

Dr. Bell Is Amazing

Dr. Bell was amazing, as well as the receptionist! Very attentive, thorough and understanding of my unhappy son. The work I recieved was incredibly helpful and the customer service was outstanding! Clean office with a small area for children which they also see at this practice. I look forward to my next appointment, ive already found it very beneficial to my self care.
-Zachary D.

I Would Recommend Spinal Dynamics To Anyone In Need Of Chiropractic, Acupuncture Or Massage Therapy

Dr. Bell and his staff are very professional, yet approachable. The atmosphere in this office is inviting and comfortable. Its great that there are also massage therapists and acupuncturists in this office. I would recommend Spinal Dynamics to anyone in need of chiropractic, acupuncture or massage therapy.
-Holly B.

You’re In Good Hands With Dr. Bell!

I’m very grateful that I was referred by a friend to Dr. Bell. As a full time yoga instructor I rely on my body for my livelihood so I’m very selective! Dr. Bell took great care analyzing and explaining my injury before making any adjustments, which made me feel very comfortable and confident in his knowledge and ability to help me. He even gave me ways to support my recovery after leaving the office. You’re in good hands with Dr. Bell!
-Natalie C.

Awesome First Impression

Dr. Bell listened, treated and educated. I’ve paid more and got way less. I came out feeling refreshed and through the next week the biggest difference I noticed was I forgot about my back. The daily nagging aches were gone. I’ve seen chiros for nearly a decade. This guy is legit. I only tried Dr. Bell out because my very nice chiropractor charges $65 for 10-15 minutes of treatment. I was tired of feeling ripped off every time I left his office. I really appreciated being treated thoroughly. I felt like a patient and not a number.
-Gregory M.


Dr. Bell was patient and caring. Definitely I will be back for more treatments.
-Karla F.


I was visiting the island when my neck started spasming. I was in so much discomfort and needed to catch the plane the next day. Dr. Bell fit me in and was amazing. He listened to me and had me figured out before his confirmed diagnosis. He had a variety of technical things he used on my neck and took his time treating me. I have never had this thorough of care from a chiropractor. I only wish I could of stayed longer to receive follow up care. I would highly recommend Dr. Bell.
-Cynthia C.

Personable Doctor

Doc. Bell is very personable and really knows what he is talking about. He helps you stay calm when you are in the worst pain and gives you hope that you can be fixed and healed with a little work. I feel like I can call him with any emergency that I may have. He is great to work with!
-Kristin R.

Very Accommodating

Dr. Bell explained what he was doing and why. He also explained the nature of his technique and what to expect afterwards. His work is subtle, yet fiercely effective. Both Dr. Bell and the staff at Spinal Dynamics Hawaii are very accommodating and patient. Well done on all accounts. You have a new and loyal customer.
-Helen B.

Comfortable Experience

I appreciated both the professionalism and the friendliness of Dr. Bell and his staff. It was a very comfortable experience.
-Raymond N.

Very Informative

Very informative and upfront! It was very refreshing meeting Dr. Bell after having so many negative life long experiences with so many other doctors!
-Jordan S.

Immediately Placed At Ease

My overall experience was better than I had hoped. I went from extreme back pain to relatively little to none. Dr. Bell is knowledgeable and professional and his bedside manner put me at ease immediately. He and his staff are wonderful!
-Georgette L.

Excellent Experience

Excellent experience, the best I’ve had!
-Sharon E.

The Best Practice

You’re literally the best Chiropractic practice I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to many over the course of my life. I love the fact that you took the time to listen to my story, get to know about my conditions and lifestyle and want to work with my condition to really get to the root of the issues. Most practitioners don’t take such a holistic approach to my condition, nor really treat me with the real kind of treatment I feel that really should be present in “Health Care.” You truly are the quintessence of what caring for the health of a patient is; versus what we experience in traditional payor health care system, which I like to think of as “Sick Care.” Thank you for doing what you guys do. It’s a really great practice, and I appreciated every single minute of my first visit. You have a life-long fan here–as long as I live in Oahu, at least.
-Mae L.

Back Problem Gone

Really good and I don’t have any back problem after few visits. Very friendly doctor and not painful treatment for me.
-Elsa M.

Chiropractic Care Important Part Of My Life

Dr. Bell and his staff are extremely friendly and helpful. Chiropractic care is a very important part of my life. It’s important to have good people and Dr. Bell is definitely good people.
-Julia E.


Lucky to have found Dr. Bell. He is exactly what I was looking for in a doctor. Dr. Bell is the best!
-Lisa C.

Very Knowledgeable!

Dr Bell is very knowledgeable. I would recemmnd him to my friends and family. He was able to help me figure out why I’m always in pain and offered ways to help. He doesn’t come off as trying to make money off me. He genuinely wants to help make me feel better, and that means a lot!
-Chastity-Jane F.

Dr. Bell Cares!

Dr. Bell cares about his clients. As a result he makes quality time for them on each visit. I would highly recommend his practice to anyone seeking a better quality of healthcare.
-Keith G.

Activity Level Is Much More To My Liking!

Thanks to Dr. Bell, I am now virtually pain free and my activity level is much more to my liking! I was in severe pain before I saw him, and I had a significant improvement after just one visit. After a few more visits, I almost forgot I ever needed a chiropractor in the first place!
– Mary

Superb Service!

Very friendly and superb service! Dr. Bell’s diagnosis and healing plan was quick, honest, and friendly. Dr. Bell has a great way of communicating with his clients and I really felt he had a deep understanding of my issues right away. I had been to multiple chiropractors over the years and within my first visit he was able to find and treat issues that others had missed. A+++ rating!
– Micah


The office environment is clean and comfortable. Dr. Bell and his staff are warm, friendly and professional. They made me feel at ease as soon as I walked in and answered all of my questions. I feel confident I will be feeling great in no time.
– Colleen

They helped me get my back…back!

Talk about caring! Dr. Bell is amazing! He really has gone above and beyond to take care of me and his assessments and treatments are spot on. I am feeling incrementally better every day. His approach is not just chiropractic manipulation. I like that his office is very technologically advanced and he doesn’t just “crack” your back. He utilizes E stem, laser, massage and PT if necessary and helps you to understand that it’s not always a quick fix. I really appreciate the time he has extended to help me get my back…back! In addition, his staff is warm and welcoming and Danika gives an excellent massage! Thanks so much Dr. Bell and your entire staff!
– Jackie

Dr. Bell made me feel at ease

Dr. Bell is very funny and made me feel very much at ease. I am very hopeful that I can be helped, perhaps not by a cure but by preventing a worsening condition.

Very Refreshing

I really appreciate the time Dr. Bell takes to explain what he’s doing, observing, and reasoning of recommendations of what I should be doing and what to expect. I found his approach very refreshing.
– Anonymous