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Meet Dr. Gary Bell

In the times past it seems the chiropractor was the doctor of last resort. Today there are tens of millions of satisfied patients around the world, that have come to realize that the chiropractic physician is the definitive specialist for disorders relating to the spine. Being a skeptical and scientific person myself, chiropractic has both proven itself to me and all who have trusted in our clinical skills over the past 30 years that I’ve been in practice. Chiropractic care is extremely cost effective and proven safer than drugs or surgery.

No Such Thing as Normal Pain

As I contemplated a career in medicine, I had consulted with several Medical discipline practitioners. I was astounded at the general opinion that medical doctors I had met were not satisfied with their care was delivered or how “managed care” was turning most of their cases into “mangled care”.

I had a chance meeting with a chiropractor in New York while on Vacation in 1985. Dr. Leo Belolianis was a chiropractor in Long Beach, Long Island, NY. I had asked Dr. Leo if I could be a “fly on the wall” in his office for a few days, and he agreed. What I saw amazed me! His patients were the top piers in his community. His impressive list of patients included the town’s Mayor, fortune 500 CEOs and professional athletes. And this was just on the first day of being in his office. Most of the patients accounts were the same, they came in for headaches, neck or back pain and walked out feeling normal again. All this was accomplished without drugs, surgery and costly rehabilitation.

Dr Gary with his dog

After graduating from Hawaii Loa College (Currently Hawaii Pacific University) in 1984 with a Bachelors in Biology. My next challenge was finding a Chiropractic College close to Hawaii. I was in luck. Cleveland Chiropractic College was located just 2500 miles away in Downtown Los Angeles. Four years later with my National Board Examinations finished and with an enormous student loan debt, it was back to Honolulu in 1990. In 1995, I had completed a Diplomat Program in Chiropractic Neurology through the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. I am still Board Eligible. Four years of training to be a chiropractic physician was only the beginning!

We take each patient on an individual basis. There are no cutting corners. Healthcare cannot be something that an insurance company dictates. The patient has to understand that they are ultimately responsible for their health and should respect basic healthcare rules. The body is susceptible to excess, whether it be food, repetitive movements, alcohol, mental stress or physical stress. All of this can lead to “dis-ease”.

There are times where you injure yourself and that’s where the chiropractic physician can surpass most other practitioners in both efficiency and patient satisfaction. There are just too many patients that have told me that when they saw their medical providers they were never touched in the area that hurts and were just given a prescription for the pain or swelling. When the pain persisted and the medication made them feel funny and their stomach queasy, they only wanted a better experience.

I am now married to Karen. She is my inspiration and my true love. I have two lovely children from a former marriage. I can now see myself in both of my children. They are my pride and joy.

I have enjoyed just about every sport with a ball, including volleyball, baseball, tennis, golf, etc. My understanding of sports injuries comes from years of athletic training. My passion for surfing has been a 40+ year obsession. I had been addicted to surfing 20-30 foot waves on my jet ski in years past but had decided a few years back that it was time for the younger lads to charge’em. I’m in my 60’s now. I currently enjoy surfing (2′-10′ Hawaiian), SUP, OC-1 (Ocean Canoe) hiking, fishing and doing just about anything adventurous with my children.

As you know, it’s hard being me. I preach from the podium of “Balance”. If you’ve lost your balance in life, things can go horribly wrong. Inherently, we all know what’s good to eat but it’s our choices that may come back to haunt us in the future, in the form of diabetes, obesity and ill health. Not achieving balance with exercise, work, sleep and stress can also lead to ill health. Unfortunately, bad things also happen. Injuries do occur and genetic pre-dispositions will come into play. All we can do is try and achieve balance. I have found that chiropractic philosophies are all about balance, which leads to prevention and ultimately optimal health.

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